ECO CHILL® Overview

ECO CHILL® is the proven answer to lowering energy costs in your facility. Using CIMCO's over 100 years of expertise in the ice rink business, ECO CHILL® collects, recycles and re-uses the energy used to maintain the ice surface, providing abundant heating for the building, fresh air systems, comfort heating, hot water preheating for showers, under-floor radiant heating, ice resurfacing and snow melting systems. Unlike geo-thermal heat pump systems that require thousands of feet of plastic tubing buried in the ground outside the building, ECO CHILL's unique energy recycling equipment is all contained within the mechanical room. This avoids the long-term environmental uncertainty of contaminating local ground water in the event of a leak in a ground source system.

ecochill_10 (1)ECO CHILL® is also modular in nature, allowing the designer to choose those components that best match the needs of your facility, be that of a NEW design or retrofit. In all cases, quality ice is the number one priority of an ECO CHILL® system, ensuring your facility users' satisfaction while you benefit from greatly reduced energy costs, lowered greenhouse gas emissions and reduced life cycle costs for your entire facility.

Join the growing list of satisfied owners and investigate how ECO CHILL® can contribute to the health of the environment - and your bottom line.